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"Indycar" Helmet Visor Cam

ATTENTION: Our new "Indycar" Helmet VisorCam is now available!

Watch it in ACTION!

Indycar Helmet Visor Cam

Advantages of the new "Indycar" Helmet VisorCam

  • Get the perfect view right above the drivers eyes -  you see what the driver sees! Has only been seen before in Indycar!
  • Nearly invisible - the camera will NOT obstruct the drivers view
  • High strength velcro mounting - the velcro will absorb any vibrations for a perfectly smooth video. The specially cut velcro provides a great mount for the camera so there is no risk of it falling off.
  • Fully adjustable angles allows this camera to be the perfect solution for any type of car. No more worrying about camera mounts!
  • For open wheel drivers that use tear-offs... Since the camera is mounted inside of the visor, whenever you pull off a tear-off, it's like wiping the lense clean, allowing you to watch the entire race clearly!
  • Records up to 85 minutes of 1080p High Definition video
  • Integrated microphones for HD surround sound
  • Vibrations indicate when camera is being turned on and off - the driver can easily start/stop the camera by themselves. No more asking someone to start your camera for you!
  • Smartphone app that allows you to wirelessly sync your videos and live feed directly to your phone. 

Get the "Indycar" Helmet VisorCam for just $379.99

Indycar Visor Cam

How do I order the "Indycar" Helmet VisorCam?

It's simple...

Call us at 908-284-2547 or email us your contact info

VISA, Mastercard, cash and checks accepted

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