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Formula Enterprise / Formula SCCA


Formula SCCA or Formula Enterprises is a class of open wheel race car sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. A spec racing class, all chassis are produced by SCCA Enterprises in association with Van Diemen and include a sealed Mazda MZR powerplant.

When you are ready to make the move to "wing" cars, SCCA Formula Enterprise (FE) is for you.  Fast, safe, and fun to drive. The FE's are for the open wheel driver looking for a competitive class with an even playing field.

Formula One design features of a high nose, deep side pods, fully adjustable wings, cockpit adjustable suspension and plenty of power add up to the ultimate racing experience at an affordable price.

SCCA FE Top View

SCCA FE Top View

FE Van Dieman Front Suspension

FE Van Dieman Front Suspension

Advanced push rod activated system operating on wide based oval section wishbones with the latest anti-intrusion bar requirements

Alloy casting, heat treated uprights with large diameter angular contact bearings.

Front anti-sway bar is cockpit adjustable

Four (4) shock system - sealed rebound adjustable Penske

Spec Slicks and Rain Tires

Brakes are Lightweight 4 piston calipers with10- 1/2" diameter discs all around

AERO Downforce:

Front wing:

Full width, adjustable

Rear wing:

Two upper elements, lower element mounted on gearbox

Adjustments are made for both AERO balance and mechanical grip

Formula Car in The RainFormula Car Racing in The Rain


Driver Compartment Features:

Full Data Acquisiotion for Driver and Race Car Development

Sequential 6 Speed Transmission

Cockpti Adjustable Brake Bias

Cockpit Adjustable Sway Bar

On Board Fire System

Radio Communication

HANS compliant Racing Harnesses

2.3 Liter sealed Mazda engine
Twin cam, 16 valve, Electronic fuel ignition 
Horsepower = 170 @ 5800
Elite sequential gearbox - 5 speed 

At at mere 1250 lbs. these cars are FAST..........

Engine rebuilds can only be performed by SCCA Enterprises, which ensures that every engine leaving their shop is within a 2-horsepower window; this guarantees a true "driver's class", where skill behind the wheel is more important than the latest engine tweaks.

FE Mazda EngineSCCA FE Mazda Engine

SCCA Formula Enterprise

SCCA Race Car Rentals: Our Arrive and Drive programs are available for SCCA Regionals and Majors.  Our cars have been out front in every series we have competed in.  From the GP4 Pro Race Series, to SCCA Majors, Regionals and the Runoffs, we know how to win! 

In the past few years we have had phenominal results placing on the podium in every race except for one. A summary of our results are below:

SCCA Northeast Majors Conference Champion
Northeast GPFour Pro  Series Champion
SCCA Runoffs 
Mazda Road to Indy Contender

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