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Vintage Formula Vee

Compete in the 2023 Vintage Formula Vee FV / VeeRG Race Series

with our Arrive and Drive Programs

seats are limited, we are now taking reservations for the 2021 season

All of our arrive and drive cars are professionally prepared using the highest quality FV components on the market.

Our rentals are all inclusive including complete support crew and race prep, transportation costs,  tires and race fuel at NO additional charge

 The services, infrastructure, and experience we provide are second to none. Each driver will receive a professional crew as well as a trailer equipped with spares (including transmission, engine, beam, complete brake systems, trailing arms, nose cones and all essential spare parts) and the tools and talent to repair any issue. We have the most professional rental program in FV racing today. Whether you just want to try it out, or want to compete at the top levels of Vintage races, our equipment will meet your every expectation.  

Racing is not only about the race car, its also about the support staff and infrastructure that tie it all together!

2023 Series Schedule

VDCA 'Wild Hare' (VIR): March 31-April 2nd 
Jefferson 500 (Summit Point): May 18-21
Vintage Festival (Thompson): Jun 22-24 
VRG @ The Glen (Watkins Glen): Sept. 22-24
NJ Historics at New Jersey Motorsports Park Oct. 13-15

Don't Forget the 60th Formula Vee FV Birthday Party

June 8-11 Pitt Race, Wampum Pennsylvania

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Do you own a vintage Formula Formula Vee

We can provide Race Prep, Restoration and Repairs

Email us or give us a call!

Vintage Formula Vee Race Cars

Vintage Zink C$ FV

The 2023 VeeRG Formula Vee FV Challenge Series

Sponsored by:


Hoosier Tires; Victory Lane Magazine; RaceQuip; Cloverleaf Auto and others.

Building upon the great success of our VRG “big brothers” Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series, the Vintage Racer Group has kicked off the 2nd annual VeeRG Formula Vee Challenge Series.

Raffles for prizes at every race weekend  WITH OVER $2,000 worth of driver's awards and gifts at each event.

Great social gatherings! Barbeque and Cocktail parties at every race weekend with the Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series

-Fantastic social environment

-Close, competitive racing

-Lots of track time

-Rich history


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