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Affordable Sensors for ALL Types of Data Loggers and Data Acquistion Systems

We sell sensor for ALL types of Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems!!

Steering Sensors, Shock Sensors, Throttle Sensors, EGT Sensors, CHT sensors, Brake, Oil and Fuel Pressure Sensors and much more!

Low Pressure Sensor Air Box Aero

"NEW" Low Air Pressure and Vacuum Sensor. The Perfect Sensor For Measuring Air Box Pressure for testing Aero Dynamics to Cooling System and Cooling and Brake Duct Air Pressures Our New Low Pressure and Vacuum Sensor is the perfect sensor to measure air pressures (or vaccuum) at any point of the racecar. Do you know if your NACA duct is in a high pressure area of the car? Do you know if your cold air intake (or air box) is really getting high pressure cold air to your engine's manifold? Is the air intake to your brake cooling ducts in the best spot? This sensor is used for PRACTICAL aerodynamic testing at the race track. This low pressure air sensor can measure both pressure and vacuum (for showing negative pressure areas), at many parts of the race car. The sensor can be placed right inside an air or cooling ducts, or a hose can be fitted over the nipple to allow remote sensing in areas where the sensor does not fit easily. The aero sensor outputs a voltage based on pressure changes ( -1 to +1 psi) which is then analyzed using your data acquisition software.  $199

Air Box Pressure Sensor