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At Track Suppport

Do you own a racecar and want to go racing but you need

some additional help at the track to reach your goals?

We can assist you with everything from buckling in to engine swaps,

our skilled race mechanics are qualified to tackle any car or challenge presented throughout the race weekend.

Tire Temps

Basic Service:

  • Saturday and Sunday Trackside Services
  • Help buckling in the driver for each session
  • Setting Pre-Race Tire Pressures
  • Turning on data systems, video cameras, etc.
  • Support on the grid in case anything goes wrong

... all for just $149 per weekend.

For just an additional $50, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Everything listed in the package above
  • Hot Tire Pressures in Pit Lane (after each session)
  • Tire Temps in Pit Lane (after each session)
  • Camber Readings (after each session)
  • Impound Support - So you can get in and out easily

No worries, our experienced trackside team is here to help.  This program is perfect for the one person race team who just needs some assistance getting the car on the track.

Basic Service.  If you going to a race that is on our calendar, we can get you on the race track for a very affordable price.  It costs only $149 for Saturday and Sunday trackside service.  The service includes help buckling the driver in for each session, setting pre-race tire pressures, turning on data systems and video cameras (as required), as well as support on the grid (in case something goes wrong). 

Add $50 to the above package and we will do hot tire pressures in the pits as well as camber readings AND tire temps all weekend long!  We can also assist in getting you in an out of impound quickly and easily.