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Karts to Cars: A Driver Development Program designed for Karter who want to climb the ladder to race cars

Karts to Cars: A Driver Development Program

With limited race dates available, reserve EARLY to insure your seat.  Even if you feel you cannot commit at this time please send us an e-mail to let us know you may be interested so we can update you as to our current availability of race cars.

What is our Karts to Cars Driver Development Program?  We help with every step of getting your son or daughter (or adult!) into the race car world.  From helping with special license permissions for young karters, to coaching and teaching the many aspects of race car driving, our “arrive and drive” racecar ladder system gives you the competitive edge to successfully make the jump into all levels of Formula Car racing. From completing driver’s school, to competing in the most competitive open wheel classes in the SCCA, Advantage Motorsports provides the knowledge and experience needed to give you the winning edge. If you are looking to take your racing to the next level, we can help!


Each time you arrive at the racetrack you will be driving a professionally prepared open wheel race car, which is race-ready the moment it arrives. Our professional race preparation team will spend weeks preparing your race car for each race. The car arrives race-ready, to allow maximum time to focus on track and driver set-up. The Race Cars you will be driving are Nationally competitive, and capable of winning SCCA Regional and National races.



The entire weekend you are racing at the track, you will be supported by a crew that will take care of all the needs of the race car, along with the pit and paddock area. From unloading the trailer, setting up the paddock area to complete racecar setup and preparation, our experienced crew will provide a safe and race ready racecar, for every session; Practice, Qualifying, and the Race.

F1600 Crew FRP Formula F

Unlike ANY other team you will be racing against,
advantage motorsports provides you with a huge advantage; your own
engineer and driver coach to analyze and improve your performance Our
racecars our equipped with the latest data acquisition system and video for racecarand driver development. Our team will analyze your practice and qualifying sessions, debrief the driver after each session, download and analyze the data from that session, provide fastest lap overlays, and
make you faster for the race!! We have data from some of the fastest
drivers in the country to help get you get out front and keep you there!


We have been building, preparing and racing Open Wheel Formula Cars for over 25 years. We have helped all levels of drivers realize their dream. If you do not have a massive budget or a big time sponsor for climbing the racing ladder, we offer a very practical alternative to show your talents!!

Karts to Cars Quick Facts

Series: SCCA Regional and National Road Racing Series with the goal to compete at the highest level of amateur road racing the RUNOFFS!. Only 40 driver from across the country will compete at the RUNOFFS, and it is considered to be the Olympics of amateur road racing. Michael Andretti, Graham Rahal, Buddy Lazier and more all took this road to becoming professional race car drivers!


Driver: YOU!                                                                   



Chassis: Nationally Competitive Formula Car (based on desired series) , 4 Speed w/ clutch    


HOW FAST ARE OUR CARS?   Take a look at our 2022 season results:

(10) Wins
(21) Podiums
(29) Top 5's

3 New Track Records! What a great year!


Our Most Popular Race Tracks



The Two Step Ladder System

Step 1

Driving School (with our car), and an additional 3 race weekends, gets you your Full Competition License. This is normally done during the 1st year. You will learn to drive and race and hone your skills preparing you for the next step of the ladder. Once signed off of your Novice Permit, you will be ready to move to Step 2 with your Full Competition License. (ages 14 and up)

Step 2

3 “major” weekends. A “Major” is SCCA’s premier and most competitive racing series. It is the path that allows you to gain points towards the National Championship Runoffs. Only 40 drivers from across the country will earn enough points to be invited to the Runoffs, the race that gains you the most prestige and exposure as a driver.

What does it cost?

The complete cost for the SCCA Ladder system $8995-$12995 for the season. (this is the per season cost, not cost per race, slight cost variations are based on track locations you choose). Steps 1 and 2 are normally completed over a 2 year period.  Although some drivers will choose to do both steps in 1 year.  The cost includes: all of the features and benefits found on our brochure. Also included are engine service, complete race car transportation costs, complete racing preparation both at the shop and at the track!

Not covered: license and race entry fees, Driver Safety gear, Driver hotel costs, accident damage, additional test days. The driver is responsible for all repair costs to damaged race vehicle. A refundable security deposit of $2000 is required prior to each race.


CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO OF THE SCCA National Championship Runoffs to see what real FV racing is all about. (note our green car on the pole!)

Karts to Cars Flyer