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Simulator Training

Rent time on the state of the art Simcraft Apex 3 to prepare for a successful 2019 season

Off-season training to boost your performance

When you can’t get on the track, train with the APEX 3 GTC racing simulator from SimCraft. SimCraft's driving simulator technology is the primary simulator used by ISMA, Indycar, and Nascar teams. 

We are also offering driver development opportunties to fine tune your driving at a particular track(s) anywhere in the country. 

Do you have an important race you are looking to prepare for in 2019? 

Are you schedule to compete at a track that you have never been to before?

Are you looking to become an all around better driver by focusing on the fundamentals? It is much easier to practice specific skills during one-on-one time with a coach in a sim than it is on the race track.

See your racing skill improve rapidly without the costly, less productive track/test days. Be prepared before you even get to the track. 

3 Axis Simulation: The Most Pure Driving Experience

  • Comiplete simulation of pitch, roll, and yaw
  • Get seat time away from the track while still maintaining sesory input and driver "feel"
  • Full Virtual Reality Headset (Oculus Rift) to truly put you in the drivers seat as if you were at the track
  • State of the art "center of mass architecture" provides accurate and realistic body movement
  • Fanatec ClubSport 2.5 with GT & Formula wheels
  • SimCraft Tilton PRO Pedal setup with real hydrolic brake pressure feel
  • Complete one-on-one privacy for you and one of our specialized driving and simulator coaches